Unauthorized storage activities in residential area ordered to cease operations

Two storage businesses in Kampong Rimba, Mukim Gadong were ordered to cease operations and demolish extensions to their buildings by the planning authority for breaching Section 23(2) of the Planning Ordinance Urban and Rural Award of 2015 (TCPO) for operating and constructing extensions without permission.

Storage activities were carried out on two residential plots unsuitable for storage. The illegal extension is built within building lines and used as building material storage which is unorganized.

During routine monitoring and inspection in April 2022, the owner complied with the order of the planning authority by halting activities, demolishing illegal extensions and clearing the area.

The public is reminded to comply with the laws on town planning, in particular article 23 TCPO which provides that no one may carry out the development, subdivision or consolidation of land or carry out work in a conservation area without permission from the Planning Authority.

Failure to comply is an offense punishable on conviction by a fine not exceeding BND 200,000 and if prosecuted, by an additional fine not exceeding BND 10,000 for each day the offense occurs. continues after conviction.

For complaints and planning advice, the public can contact the Department of Land Use Planning hotline at 8200222 or by email at [email protected]