Three accused of burglary of house construction site, accused of pledging material

Robert Fitzler, Jason Walls and Jessica Sansoucie, all of Sioux Falls, have each been charged with third degree burglary and theft over $ 1,000 for their role in the alleged crime.

Mitchell Police responded to a new home under construction on November 29 after a contractor reported the construction site had been broken into.

Police said someone opened tarps that covered garage doors and forced open a door. Once inside, the suspect allegedly stole door handles and an air compressor worth approximately $ 1,100.

On the same shift, the officer was subsequently informed of a vehicle burglary in the same area, where a victim’s driver’s license and debit card had been stolen. The victim said the card was used at M&H and Holiday in Mitchell, as well as at three gas stations in Sioux Falls.

During an investigation into an alleged drug violation that led to a police chase, the South Dakota Highway Patrol took Fitzler, Walls and Sansoucie to a police station for questioning. The affidavit prepared by the Mitchell Police Division does not specify which agency interviewed them.

At the police station, Walls reportedly admitted that he and Fitzler had committed the burglaries while Sansoucie was leading them around Mitchell. Sansoucie claimed she was unaware of what the men were doing, only that they had told her where to drive.

Walls reportedly told police the doorknobs were in a van at Sansoucie’s residence in Sioux Falls, but authorities say Sansoucie pawned the air compressor in Sioux Falls.

Police said video evidence confirmed Sansoucie also used a victim’s stolen debit card at various gas stations, although Sansoucie denies knowing the card was stolen. The victim’s wallet was recovered from the vehicle involved in the pursuit with soldiers – a different vehicle from the one used by the trio in the alleged break-ins.

Although Walls and Sansoucie say Fitzler was a party to their alleged crimes, Fitzler denied being in Mitchell at the time. Police said CCTV contradicted Fitzler’s claim and that he was in possession of items from the alleged vehicle burglary.

Walls and Fitzler, in addition to burglary and robbery, were each charged with criminal entry into a vehicle. They each face up to seven years in prison, a fine of $ 14,000, or both.

Sansoucie was charged with two counts of identity theft in addition to burglary and robbery. She faces 11 years in prison, a fine of $ 22,000, or both.

All three are scheduled to appear in a Davison County courtroom on Dec. 20 for a preliminary hearing.