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A video on Facebook and a post from a snake rescuer show how an injured black mamba snake was rescued from a residential area and is now doing very well.

When creatures that belong to nature escape and make their way to residential areas, it becomes very important to rescue and rehabilitate them immediately. And that’s exactly what this snake rescuer named Nick Evans does for a living, along with his wife. He recently took to his Facebook page to talk about a black mamba snake that was reported to him in injured condition.

He wrote: “Worried residents of the Westville North area spotted this large Black Mamba crossing Robert Herrick Avenue earlier today. Noticing that he was injured, they stopped traffic to prevent further injury or even death, and phoned me. My wife and I drove in, expecting to find a dying mamba, which has been the case in every mamba call I’ve had where they’ve been run over. Well, to our very pleasant surprise, it looked very lively!

Take a look at the video he posted with the detailed caption below:

The video was shared on Facebook just yesterday and has received over 73,000 views and several comments from people who are quite concerned about the fate of this black mamba snake. Many took to the comments section to ask Evans to update them on what happens next.

And he kept his word so he posted an update on the snake about two hours ago. Sharing two photos of this creature, he captioned it, writing, “GOOD NEWS! The Black Mamba who injured himself on a road in Westville North yesterday, is doing great! I took him to Ushaka Sea World today, where the veterinary team, Dr Francois Lampen and Marle Benade inspected him, with the help of the Dangerous Creatures team.

Read the full caption and view the photos here:

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