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Edwin D. Tatum
Founder and CEO
.…from a round-up of regional business leader profiles honored in EY’s 2022 Entrepreneur Of The Year program, via D CEO.

Last month, Ernest and Young announced the winners of its EY 2022 Central Plains Entrepreneur of the Year Priceand all but one of the 11 winners are from North Texas.

CEO profiled the winners, asking them to share their strategies and lessons learned. Tatum told D’s CEO that he got the idea for his modular building business after he quit playing professional basketball in Latin America and started investing in homebuilding.

“I became frustrated with the change orders, the inspection process and the delays. I vividly remember thinking to myself, ‘There has to be another way.'” Tatum told the CEO of D Today, his company can build a house in eight to 16 weeks and do it more sustainably, he says, with a forecast of more than $50 million in revenue this year.

Other local EY winners offer great advice in the D CEO story:

Gabe Abshire, Utility Janitor: “Replace as soon as you can! When you’re just starting out, you have to do everything, even the things you hate and fear.

Lawrence King, Storm: “Tenacity is underrated. Very few boxers become champions without getting knocked down during the fight. Same for entrepreneurs.

Michael D. Gianni, MD7: “Take action, don’t just brainstorm… An 80% solution that gets adopted is better than continuing to hunt for a 100% solution that never gets out the door.”


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  • MTX Group, the global technology consulting firm that modernizes technology for the public sector, was the only company in North Texas and the state to be recognized.

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  • Ten of the 11 winners are from North Texas.