Six people arrested for rioting in a residential area of ​​Coimbatore

Periyanaickenpalayam police arrested six people, including three history leafters, on charges of rioting in a residential area and assaulting four people under the influence of alcohol on Sunday. Tension reigned at Vada Maduraikarar Thottam at P&T Colony near Narasimhanaickenpalayam on Sunday afternoon after the six men clashed with residents who questioned them for their unruly behavior. Videos of the confrontation with the accused holding guns and sticks have gone viral on social media. Those arrested were identified as K. Maharaja (25 years old), A. Sivasubbu (23 years old), S. Hariharan (24 years old), M. Suresh (40 years old), M. Muthuvelmurugan (21 years old) and K. Sathiyabalan (25), all from different places in Tirunelveli district. According to the police, S. Poornima (41) from Vada Maduraikar Thottam had given six rooms for rent in the locality and part of it was given to two men, Thiyagu and Karthik, who sell helmets on the roadsides. The six defendants came from Tirunelveli and stayed in Thiyagu’s room on Friday to see a defendant at Coimbatore Central Jail. They threw a party on Saturday night to celebrate Sivasubbu’s birthday and they made noise at night under the influence of alcohol. Mrs. Poornima went to the scene and warned them. The woman visited the rented house on Sunday morning and found that a synthetic water tank was broken. Police said the defendant threatened the woman as she questioned them about the damage. The accused broke into Ms. Poorniama’s house under the influence of alcohol at around 3:30 p.m. and attacked her and her husband R. Shanmugasundaram (46) with a sickle. The accused also assaulted their 15-year-old daughter in addition to damaging property in the home. After leaving the house, they attacked a passerby, G. Krishnan (20 years old), for no reason. As the residents gathered, the men began to utter abusive words and attempted to assault them. The gang members were arrested and taken into custody. Police said Maharaja, Sivasubbu and Hariharan had been involved in several cases before.