San Francisco Market Merchant Expands Retail Space

The SF Marketplace, a key pillar of the San Francisco Bay Area’s critical food infrastructure, is pleased to share in the continued success and growth of one of its many merchants. Arcadio’s Produce recently signed a 10-year lease to expand its retail space. What began in 2010 as a small business operating out of a single truck, Arcadio’s Produce has now outgrown its current merchant space within the SF Market campus and moved its operations to a location with three times the space within the SF market.

“Arcadio’s Produce story is so inspiring and a reminder of many other marketers who started their dream of building a farm produce business here,” said Michael Janis, Managing Director of The SF Market. “We hope that our role of providing them with the space and a solid operating environment to start and scale their business has been and will continue to be the foundation of their success.”

Arcadio’s Produce recently signed a 10-year lease to expand its retail space.

Arcadio’s Produce reaches San Francisco-area restaurants, food businesses, and nonprofits and has expanded its delivery area to multiple Bay Area counties, including Alameda, Napa, Santa Clara, and Contra Costa. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, Arcadio’s Produce pivoted its business model and launched a new initiative to begin packaging, selling and delivering boxes of produce directly to families in need through charitable organizations. non-profit. Thanks to this initiative, he was able to obtain a contract with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and obtain others within the city of San Francisco and many other programs serving the local community.

“It has been a blessing to share our experience and products with many Bay Area community partners. The colleagues and friends we met at SF Market quickly became family,” said Manuel Orozco, CEO of Arcadio’s Produce. “Having such a network of supportive and welcoming people within the industry has been invaluable to our growth.”

The company is one of many examples of The SF Market offering merchants, farmers and customers the opportunity to expand its business and expand its reach by connecting the fresh produce and food communities of San Francisco and beyond.

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