Residential area hit by airstrikes – death toll in Zhytomyr

Attacks and explosions were reported in several places in Ukraine on Tuesday evening.

In the northwestern town of Zhytomyr, several people were killed in what Ukrainian authorities believe was a Russian airstrike.

Ten homes were reportedly damaged and videos from the site showed rescue teams working to put out the fires and clear the area.

Advisor to the Ministry of the Interior. Anton Gerashchenko says It was a caliber missile, a cruise missile, that hit the place. He also claims that the attack came from the Belarusian side of the border.

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According to Gerashchenko, four people were killed in the attack, including a child. The adviser says in a message on cable The target was a military base, but the missile missed it and hit the residential area.

Mayor of Zhytomyr, Serhiy Sokomlin, sire It is also a hospital in Ni

Photos taken by a Reuters news agency photographer in Zhytomyr earlier in the day show residents trying to defend the city with Molotov cocktails.

Firebombs thrown: Civilian residents appeared alongside Ukrainian soldiers in Zhytomyr on Tuesday, a Reuters photographer wrote of the photo.

Zhytomyr is located about 120 kilometers west of the capital, Kyiv, and the Ukrainian Air Force has a base near the city.

Heavy fighting and attacks were reported in several places in Ukraine on Tuesday. At least three people were killed this morning in connection with a person attack on the television tower Near the center of the capital Kiev, local authorities have asked residents to seek shelter.

A missile hit a private maternity ward near the capital, according to the head of the clinic, writes NTB.

It was badly damaged, but the building is standing. Everyone was evacuated, clinic director Vitaly Zhirin wrote on Facebook according to CNN.

According to videos reported by The New York Times, two apartment buildings in the town of Borodinka, northeast of Kyiv, were damaged in Tuesday’s attack.

Seven people were also killed in an attack in the northern city of Kharkiv on Tuesday, according to local authorities. The New York Times.

Russian forces I also entered the city of Kherson, which It is located in the south of the country between Odessa and annexed Crimea. However, Ukraine still controls the city administration building, according to Interior Minister Vadim Denisenko.

According to the Guardian, there are also several reports of Russian forces besieging the southern city of Maripol.