Rabid raccoon comes into contact with pet dog in residential area |

Just about 2 days to a month since the last reported case of rabies in the county, Kerr County Animal Services Director Reagan Givens today announced that the 9th case of 2021 has been confirmed.

Givens said his department received a report on Oct. 21 that a raccoon came into contact with an owner’s dog on Laurel Way, which is located off TX-27, southeast of Kerrville.

A KCAS officer recovered the specimen the same day and it was sent for testing on Monday, October 25. “We learned today, October 27, that the zoological lab confirmed that the raccoon has rabies,” Givens said.

“We had informed the owner of the necessary protocol to be followed after a pet comes into contact with a rabid animal,” he added.

Any dog ​​or cat that is bitten or comes into contact with an animal that later tests positive for rabies must, by Texas law, be humanely euthanized. “As most pet owners are unwilling to do this, there are other provisions in the law, but these must be strictly observed,” Givens said.

ï‚· If the dog or cat exposed to rabies is currently vaccinated against the disease, it should be revaccinated immediately and immobilized / confined for a period of 45 days.

ï‚· If the exposed animal has not been vaccinated, it should be immediately vaccinated and placed in strict isolation for 90 days, with rabies vaccination booster shots during the third and eighth weeks of isolation.

“The fact that this rabid animal has been found in a residential area should be a wake-up call to people who are at risk of being exposed, whether in town or in rural parts of the county,” he said. declared Givens.

He urged everyone to make sure their pets are up to date with their rabies vaccines, not to feed stray animals (including cats or dogs), and not to attempt to touch any animal. savage who seems “domestic”.

Givens also asks citizens who see an animal acting strangely – whether it is a wild animal, a cat or a stray dog ​​- to note its behavior, the location of the animal, the direction in which it is heading, then relaying that information in a call. at Kerr County Animal Services at 830-257-3100. If calling after hours, call the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office at 830-896-1216.

In 2020, there were only 4 cases of rabies recorded in Kerr County.