Priority Dumpster Rental Wayne publishes a report covering the range of dumpsters commonly available

The company publishes a complementary report on the different options for customers considering the rental of dumpsters

“Whether you’re managing a construction site or cleaning your home, at some point you’ll need to rent a dumpster to dispose of unwanted items,” said a spokesperson for Priority Dumpster Rental Wayne. “Alternatively, if you own an organization, you might need ongoing waste collection services. Either way, it’s important to protect a dumpster from a reputable dumpster rental company that has offered the Aurora location for many years.

“Looking for a dumpster or waste solutions in town? Wondering what types of dumpsters are available to you? Priority Dumpster Rental Wayne will certainly provide helpful details to help you make your decision.

REAR LOADERS – With their wide and tall stature, rear loaders look like the bigger brother of front loaders. These dumpsters can hold a large amount of waste at a time. Rear loader dumpsters are commonly used by supermarkets, storage facilities and other large centers. Sometimes they will be shared by multiple services simultaneously.

FRONT LOADING BODY – Front loading bodies are equated with rear loading bodies. They are smaller than rear-loading dumpsters and therefore cannot hold as much trash at once. This suggests that they will definitely need to be cleaned more consistently than rear-loading dumpsters. Front-loading skips are extremely easy to access. They make waste disposal as simple as possible.

DUMPBOYS – Dumpsters are in a class of their own. These long, narrow and low dumpsters usually offer plenty of disposal space (various sizes available), allowing them to accept large amounts of waste. Dumpsters are widely available. They help to make work as convenient and reliable as possible.

COMPACTORS – If your goal is to collect as much waste as possible in a single container, we advise you to opt for a compactor. Compactors are electric dumpsters that can squeeze trash, making it as small and as small as physically possible. Compactors can hold a considerable amount of trash without needing to be cleared. This makes them optimal for industrial sites where huge amounts of waste are constantly being compiled.


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