People treated following missile attacks on residential area in Yemen

“MSF is deeply concerned about the impact of recent clashes in Marib governorate on civilians,” said Allen Murphy, MSF project coordinator in Marib. “After nearly seven years of conflict, yesterday’s missile attacks are yet another example of the appalling effects of the conflict on the Yemeni people.

“We strongly urge the warring parties to avoid personal injury or death during the ongoing clashes in Marib, as well as in the future,” Murphy said.

Marib is currently witnessing an intense new wave of conflict in the city and its surroundings. Over the past two weeks, the general hospital in Marib has received hundreds of war-wounded. We call on belligerents to respect international humanitarian law which guarantees the safety of civilians during conflicts.

Before the start of the conflict, Marib was home to nearly 400,000 people, according to local authorities. Today, it hosts nearly 2.7 million people, including internally displaced people and many repeatedly displaced. The recent escalation in violence risks forcing more people to move and increasing already unmet humanitarian needs for shelter, food, water, protection and health care.

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