Opening of a new lot for the construction of houses in the Scenic Rim

Scenic Rim Regional Council has approved a development application to create 54 residential lots and a one-hectare park on Fraserview Road in Aratula.

The approved subdivision is the first stage of a two-stage development project totaling 126 lots. The second stage will require a future subdivision application.

The residential lots range in size from 800 square meters to 2,548 square meters and the park area is 1,060 hectares which includes storm water management areas.

The proposed 54 residential lots will be connected to urban infrastructure networks, including reticulated water supply, storm water drainage and sewage networks, as well as electricity supply and telecommunications infrastructure.

The development will involve the creation of three new roads, with vehicular access to the site via Phillip Street.

Mayor Greg Christensen said the council is keen to support the region’s economic prosperity and that this will be a big boost to Aratula’s economic growth.

“Our focus is on the right development in the right places that are sustainable for the long term.”

“This is a very exciting development for Aratula and allows more people to live in the Scenic Rim, which offers a relaxed and affordable lifestyle.”

The subdivision site is within the low density residential area and conforms to the relevant codes of the 2020 Panoramic Rim Planning Plan.