News from Downers Grove, IL: A truck drives through the house in a residential area near 66th Street, Briargate Drive

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (WLS) – Two people were hospitalized after a pickup truck drove through a home in the southwestern suburb of Downers Grove on Friday afternoon.

It was a straight shot through this single family home with no stops.

“It was weird because there was no screaming, no shouting, no honking,” neighbor Mickey Bravo said.

Judging by its look and sound, neighbors think the driver may not even have pressed the brakes.

Chopper7 was at the crash scene near Briargate Drive and 66th Street around 5 p.m.

Deep, cool divots in the front yard followed the high-speed track of the truck through the house.

Luckily, in the few seconds it took the truck to cross the living room, the couple who live in the house were in the basement.

Investigators said the driver may have suffered a medical emergency, which caused him to crash.

He and a female passenger were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

It appears the truck entered the house through the windows in the front room before exiting the other side.

Bravo said he didn’t really believe it until he saw it.

“I think it’s one of those things where you’re like, ‘did this just happen’,” he added.

The couple who live there, Bravo said, were shockingly calm, only seeming to feel real shock when they offered to help.

That image shook them deeply, probably,” Bravo said.

Debris littered the garden. A tow truck was seen removing the heavily damaged van from the scene.

Fortunately, police said no one was injured inside the house. The incident is still under investigation.

This is breaking news. Check back for updates.

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