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New venture ‘Space Create’ offers first creative studio in Killeen

KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) — Space Create Interactive Studio is the name, giving people a platform to work from is their game.

The new creative space is just that: it’s a place where creatives have the freedom to create content in a professional environment.

The Town of Killeen is taking its first steps towards a more welcoming downtown, after hiring its first Director of Revitalization in August.

“If you look above your head, it says this is our happy place. It’s a place where creative people can come, where they feel at home,” said Toni Ringgold, owner of Space Create. InteractiveStudios.

During the pandemic, spaces like this started popping up all over the country, giving people the ability to create content in places other than their bedroom or kitchen.

For Bell County residents, Space Create is the first of its kind.

“We have some of the best top talent in this area, but you have to drive hours to have your basic needs taken care of,” Ringgold said.

Now, with Space Create, these artists can work in their own neighborhood and make connections that weren’t accessible to them originally.

“Small downtown businesses are the backbone of this community, which is why she is investing in our downtown just the first building in a long series to revitalize our downtown,” said Mayor Debbie Nash King.

Killeen’s revitalization manager has been hard at work working with local businesses since joining the team in August.

The new space will also allow children and teenagers to find their place.

“I think it’s going to fill a need and when I say that, there are a lot of creative kids who have nothing to do. Not everyone can kick a soccer ball or bounce a basketball. Some people like to write or maybe sing. Some people like to create content,” Ringgold said.

To welcome Space Create to the neighborhood, a block party will be held on November 5, 2022.

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