Meriden man realizes his dream of owning a business

MERIDEN – Anthony Maldonado always dreamed of owning a business, so in 2021 he became a certified vinyl installer and opened Ynot Carwraps.

Maldonado’s workshop, located at 74 Cambridge Street, specializes in wrapping cars, trucks and boats. The company also creates decals and signs for commercial buildings.

“I can do lettering for anything,” Maldonado said.

Maldonado, 36, started his vinyl wrap career in 2019 when he worked for a company that wraps vehicles. He started racing cars on the side and decided to go to a school in New Jersey to get certified in the field.

About three months ago, the Maldonado company was hired by Carabetta Management to wrap 350 dumpsters with an American flag design. This is a big contract for the new company.

“It was like a miracle,” Maldonado said. “I was so overwhelmed and so happy. It was crazy.”

John Carabetta and Joe Carabetta III are co-owners of Carabetta Management and J&J Brothers. The brothers explained that Maldonado had been recommended to them.

“He’s a great guy,” John Carabetta said.

Joe Carabetta III said part of the reason they decided to support Maldonado’s business is that it offers fair prices, it’s a small business and it’s based in Meriden. J&J Brothers services include dumpster rentals, demolitions and tree removal.

Ynot Carwraps also recently won a contract to create decals for 74 cars.

Once the design is approved by the customer, it is entered into a computer which will shape and cut the custom envelope.

Maldonado was born in New York and has Puerto Rican roots. He has always been interested in owning his own business.

“It’s a blessing to have had the opportunity to start a business in my hometown,” he said.

Maldonado said not having a college education might make it harder for people to find business opportunities, but the opportunities are there.

“If you think about it, you could definitely create something,” he said.

Ynot Carwraps can be reached at [email protected], 203-691-0020 or by visiting their Instagram page, ynot_carwraps_.

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