Mercedes’ “all-around RV” can quickly go from a four-person van to an eight-person one!

(Photo: Yellow Camper)

yellow camper
(Photo: Yellow Camper)

The new Mercedes-Benz EQV Camper is the most innovative RV Yellowcamper ever offered. It is inspired by the yellow postal buses that have long provided a solid connection to some of Switzerland’s most difficult peaks and valleys, first reported by New Atlas.

The versatile and versatile motorhome, which can quickly convert from a four-person motorhome to an eight-passenger van to an open utility van, is billed as the nation’s first electric motorhome!

yellow camper

(Photo: Yellow Camper)

The first electric motorhome in Switzerland

The bright yellow Postbus is a well-known representation of Swiss transport, alongside punctual trains and cog and cable railways that climb seemingly impassable mountain slopes, according to New Atlas.

It serves as a vital transit link between a starting point and an alpine site that cannot be reached by other public transport. The Yellowcamper company started building motorhomes from disused Swiss Post vans in the capital Bern in 2016.

yellow camper

(Photo: Yellow Camper)

Since then, Yellowcamper has expanded its business to include van conversions, RV rentals and custom projects for both leisure and commercial customers, but “Post” yellow continues to be a mainstay of its designs.

New Atlas noted that this yellow color sometimes brightens up RV moveable furniture, and other times it injects a splash of liveliness into a neutral RV.

The EQV Camper is easily recognizable as a Yellowcamper thanks to its striking yellow color against the vap’s white background, but the specific yellow stripes and lettering have a dual meaning, representing both Yellowcamper’s postal past and its electric outlook. .

This last point is emphasized by the graphics of the electrical cords that hang down the sides of the van.

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The EQV Camper story

The EQV Camper was originally created by Yellowcamper as a customer commission in conjunction with neighborhood Mercedes-Benz dealership Lorenz Commercial Vehicles. The van debuted a year ago, and at the time it was billed as Switzerland’s first electric motorhome.

Yellowcamper, which is currently based in Burdorf – a suburb of Bern, started with the more mobile Mercedes EQV 300 and put together a relatively portable motorhome solution.

The EQV Camper’s detachable interior design allows owners to easily remove unnecessary camper van furniture and enjoy a zero-emission everyday MPV with a Mercedes-estimated range of up to 226 miles (363 km)!

The EQV can be charged quickly from 10 to 80 percent in 40 minutes, according to Mercedes-Benz, and from 10 to 90 percent in 45 minutes, according to Yellowcamper.

The Swiss Camping and Caravanning Association (SCCV) and Yellowcamper are collaborating to create a national map of campsites with EV chargers or solid power supplies that can handle charging.

For a price of 107,689 CHF (or at least 113,100 USD) after VAT, you can buy the Yellowcamper EQV Camper through Lorenz Mercedes.

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