List of news | Village of Oswego, Illinois


The Village of Oswego has issued a boil order for an area approximately 12 blocks in the residential section of Old Downtown.

The following streets are affected:

Adams St. from Tyler St. to Benton St.

Main St. from Benton St. to Judson Ave.

Douglas St. from Maple St. to Judson Ave.

Madison St. from Van Buren St. to Judson Ave.

Monroe St. from Washington to Wilson Place

Van Buren St. from Madison St. to Washington St.

Tyler St. from Madison St. to Washington St.

Benton St. from Adams St. to Wilson Place

Maple Street from Main Street to Madison Street

Wilson Place from Main St. to Benton St.

Judson Ave. from Main St. to Monroe St.

A broken water pipe requires emergency repair, which will impact the water pressure in that area. Public Works personnel are on site and will notify residents of the repair and emergency boil order. The boil order is effective for at least 24 hours. Residents will be notified when it is lifted. Other areas of Oswego may continue to use tap water as usual.

Affected residents should use bottled or boiled water for drinking and cooking. Follow these guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):