Land Transfers, April 7-13 – The Lima News

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is illustrated by the following report, for the week of April 7th to April 13th. Figures reflect the sale price of the property, as well as the address or lot number of the property and are courtesy of Allen Office of County Recorder Mona Losh.


Bailey, Robert W/Bailey, Patricia A to Durr, Keisha L, 1017 Brower Road, Lima, $121,000

Brenneman, Gerald G/Brenneman, Ashlia A Ford to Makley, Matthew, 1118 E. Market St., Lima, $120,000

Conrad, Sheila L Executor/Estate of Laura Gene Welch in Burden, Ed/Burden, Kristina, 512 W. Northern Ave., Lima, $65,000

Durkee, Matthew D/Durkee, Laura to Winkler, Sydni B, 1828 Wendell Ave., Lima, $105,000

First, Janis L Trustee/Janis L First Revocable Living Trust to Peirce, Edgar/Peirce, Judith, 540 N. Nixon Ave., Lima, $112,900

Fitzgerald, John J/Fitzgerald, Tim Attorney In Fact in Rotairo, Dionesia N/Rotairo, Randy N/Rotairo, Mariel N/Rotairo, Riza N, 624 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $128,000

Grant, Michael P/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Henry, Elizabeth J Et Al to Federal National Mortgage Association/Fannie Mae, 978 Richie Ave., Lima, $50,062

Hensley, Merna L & Al Decd/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Miller, Joshua K, 600 Calumet Ave., Lima, $12,000

Hoffmann, John R/Hoffmann, Nancy L/Hoffmann, Terri to Simpson, Angela Kay, 1730 Wendell Ave., Lima, $125,000

Holmes, Rayvon to Tidy Klean LLC, 625 Prospect Ave., Lima, $2,500

Irwin, Guy L/Irwin, Kristi to Holt, Helen, 329 N. Jameson Ave., Lima, $78,000

Johnson, Gregory D/Johnson, Gail C to Faith In Action Trust/Gilles, Jean Wallenstein Trustee, 410 S. Collett St., Lima, $68,000

Mann, David Alan/Mann, William Douglas/Mann, Cybill to Barnhill, Dustin A, 1146 Bay Circle St., Lima, $133,000

Mod Rentals Ltd. to Gearing, Blaine/Gearing, Michelle, 1127 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $18,500

Opperman, Aron/Opperman, Megan to Ark Investors Group, LLC, 1141 N. Main St., Lima, $40,000

Prinzi, Mark D/Prinzi, Cheryl L to Gibson, Justin, 335 E. Eureka St., Lima, $6,000

Smith, Larry E/Kaufman, Blair G Attorney In Fact/Kaufman, Blair G to Elrod, Jamie S, 533 S. Collins Ave., Lima, $140,000

Stotts, Ellen M/Stotts, Richard C Jr/Stotts, Denise to Owens, Kenneth II/Owens, Brittany, 2640 Penny Lee Drive, Lima, $264,000

Turner, Cynthia A to Shurelds, Mark, 1555 N. Union St., Lima, $59,100

US Bank National Association As Trustee/Velocity Commercial Capital Loan Trust 2016-2 to Lima Me LLC, 902-914 N. Cable Road, Lima, $2,900,000

White, Cody J to Prince, Kylan E, 1609 W. Market St., Lima, $184,600


Brenneman Brothers to Dye, Devin/Dye, Kylie, Coon Road (27.3 acres), Lima, $319,800


Ball, Larry Walter/Ball, Katherine Diane Hennessey to Dinardo, Stephanie K/Dinardo, Ronald L, 489 W. Bluelick Road, Lima, $281,000

Dillman, Andrea to MSB Investments Lima LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 159, Lima, $53,000

Hartman, Tabitha L to Donley, Zachary A, 4324 Pioneer Road, Lima, $73,000

Settlemire, Brandon C to 625 Properties, LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 148, Lima, $35,000


Bontjes, Kotey A/Bontjes, Jordan to Kingery, Wyatt, 4800 S. Napoleon Road (1.6 acres), Harrod, $185,000


Jenkins, Paul W/Jenkins, Kathy A to Vernon, Matthew T, 1684 Lee Ann Drive, Lima, $174,000

Riley, Emily M to Harmon, Sierra/Crowe, William Daniel III, 3325 Shiloh Drive, Lima, $245,000


Bowen, Lynn Co-Trustee/Bergfeld, Lisa Co-Trustee/Carl R. Suever First Irrevocable Trust to Bowen, Lynn Co-Trustee/Bergfeld, Lisa Co-Trustee/Carl R. Suever First Irrevocable Trust/For the benefit of Suever, Brad , 628 Fort Jennings Road, Delphos, $216,000

Highland Production, LLC/Szambecki, LLC/DWW Pizza, LLC/Sam Real Estate, LLC to Cot Pizza Re LLC, 133 E. 5th St., Delphos, $1,369,100

Inkrott, Luke T/Inkrott, Maggie to Tucker, Brittany, 708 N. Main St., Delphos, $115,000

Shumaker Brent A, LLC to Delphos Hardware, LLC, 232 N. Main St., Delphos, $55,000

White, Larry L/White, Marcia K to Lumpkins, Zach B, 501 S. Franklin St., Delphos, $74,000


Five D Farms, LLC in Ketcham, Logan H, Harding Highway (2.5 acres), Lima, $35,000

Nease, Stephen R/Nease, Christy A to Hume, Sam/Hume, Christina L, 2855 Murray Road (1.6 acres), Lima, $309,000


English, Aaron at Brenneman Brothers, Piquad Road (39.8 acres), Lima, $595,000

Grubenhoff, Kristina M/Grubenhoff, Joseph P in Jettinghoff, Todd R/Jettinghoff, Ashley E, 3839 N. Kemp Road, Lima, $190,000

Miller, Joseph E to Gilroy, Anthony W/Gilroy, Elisabeth P, 14594 Landeck Road, Delphos, $98,800


Brown, Joseph D/Brown, Emily to Durkee, Matthew/Durkee, Laura, 5960 Kerr Road, Lima, $140,000


Nelson, Joyce B Trustee/Joyce B Nelson Declaration Trust at Virk, Gurojot/Virk, Jaspreet, 6125 E. State Road (1.3 acres and 8.7 acres), Bluffton, $540,000

Wehrly, Jordan to Mathewson, Eric Lynn/Mathewson, Rachel Mahree, 5845 N. Phillips Road (1.9 acres), Bluffton, $175,000


Building Horizons LLC in Tremoulis, Michael J/Tremoulis, Megan, 2981 Stoneybrook Drive, Lima, $400,000

Renner, Kenneth D/Renner, Dana J to Cummins, Bert A/Breneman-Cummins, Tammera D, 6145 Fort Amanda Road (4.5 acres), Lima, $425,000


Roberts, Tayler to Hall, Daniel D Jr/Klinger, Morgan C, 13679 Kolter Road (1.4 acres), Spencerville, $200,000


Dell, Adam/Dell, Anthony/Dell, Michelle at Whitley, Andrew W/Whitley, Chasity R, 207 N. Main St., Spencerville, $150,000

Ulm, Ronald B/Ulm, Catherine E to Metzger, Frederick I, 110 Oak Drive, Spencerville, $180,000