Inspectors find 14th oil well leaking methane in residential Bakersfield | New

State regulators have discovered another oil well leaking methane in a residential area of ​​Bakersfield, bringing the number found matching that description to 14 in the past two weeks.

According to information provided Tuesday by the State Department of Conservation, the leak was discovered near 216 Durham Court, northeast of the intersection of California Avenue and Stockdale Highway, at a facility operated by Griffin. Resources LLC. The previous batch of leaking wells was located in northeast Bakersfield near the intersection of Morning Drive and Morningstar Avenue.

Information released by the California Office of Emergency Services indicates that methane from the well measured 50,000 parts per million, the same as nine unused wells discovered earlier in May. This is the maximum concentration measurable using the equipment available on site.

It was determined that the leaking well on Saturday needed to be depressurized immediately “to prevent further leaks”, according to online notice. He said the Bakersfield Fire Department had determined the leak posed no immediate danger, which in past incidents has only meant the gas was not building up.

Tuesday’s message said the well had been depressurized on Monday, repair work was underway on Tuesday, and tests in the “surrounding residential area” had found no detectable levels of methane.

The department said the agency most directly responsible for petroleum regulation, its California Geological Energy Management Division, sent Griffin Resources an order two weeks ago ordering the company to plug and drop definitely this well and 24 others in the Fruitvale oil field.

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated with additional information by CalGEM and CalOES.