Former Wirral St John’s Ambulance facility could become commercial space

A former St. John Ambulance Service training facility in Liscard could be turned into industrial or research space if plans are approved.

According to the planning brief, the Fairview Avenue site could become space for one of three uses:

  • “An office to carry out all operational or administrative functions,
  • “Research and development of products or processes” or
  • “Any industrial process, being a use, which can be carried out in any residential area without impairing the amenity of that area by reason of noise, vibration, odor, fumes, smoke, soot, ash, dust or gravel.”

The site was a training center until last year and is currently vacant.

The planning statement read: “The property has a long history of non-residential uses. There are no known enforcement issues relating to the property or complaints of nuisance to neighboring residents from the activities that have taken place on the property It could be argued that the use as a meeting room could generate more activity and noise than the uses covered by this application.

“The proposal is to use the property for office, research and development and light industry. These uses do not include the use, storage, manufacture or processing of reportable hazardous substances.

“The proposal reuses and regenerates a vacant property close to an established town center and residential area. The reuse of this property meets government objectives to make best use of brownfields and to promote and support development underutilized land and buildings.

“The proposed development is appropriate in terms of scale and character of the area and does not negatively impact the amenities of occupants of adjacent properties.

“The proposal provides adequate parking for cars and bicycles and there is safe access for all users on the site. The application property is well located near the city center and sustainable modes of transport. ”

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