Forest City Council paves the way for the start of construction of single-family homes | Community

Rob Hillesland Summit-Tribune

New residential housing options are rapidly coming to fruition in Forest City. On April 4, City Council members approved the Adjustment Board’s Special Exception for FCWF Housing, LLC to build homes at 205, 215, and 225 East K Street in Forest City.

The action formally permits new residential single-family housing in the business/commercial district on these lots owned by FCWF Housing. It paves the way for a turnkey construction project estimated at over $1 million that will begin this construction season.

The adjustment board had voted unanimously to approve the special zoning exception on March 9. Forest City Economic Development Director Beth Bilyeu provided details of the Soyland Homes project to the council at the time.

The council passed a zoning ordinance late last year, related to the project and adding regulations for building single-family homes in the commercial zone in parts of the Rebecca A. Clark addition.

Forest City Economic Development first announced official plans for the new housing project at the November 1 city council meeting. The project provides for up to five single-family homes of modest size and price.

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The new homes will face the back of the Dollar General store and the front of the NAPA Auto Parts store. Lots for the entire project will come from two municipal lots as well as three Forest City economic development lots. The project will help provide additional municipal housing to accommodate a growing local workforce.

Council also approved a resolution amending the municipal policy on credit cards. The amendment increases the limit not to be exceeded from $2,000 to $3,000 for services and from $5,000 to $9,000 for the municipal administrator. The total total balance on all cards must no longer exceed $30,000, down from $19,000 previously.

“It looks like we’ve reached a little over that $2,000 limit, except for mine,” Huffman said, noting that this has caused funds to be shuffled and some card purchases to be postponed.

Municipal credit cards are available for the limited use of the municipal administrator, superintendent of electricity, superintendent of streets, superintendent of water and sewage, chief of police, director of the library, the superintendent of parks and the superintendent of recreation.

Water and Wastewater Superintendent Kevin Reicks announced that WHKS representatives will provide the board with an update on the city’s estimated $14 million sewage treatment plant rehabilitation project. town. Due to the size and scale of the project as well as several new board members, it will be held before the first board meeting in May rather than at a meeting with just the board members. the water.

In other matters, the city council approved:

  • Waldorf University’s final reimbursement of $9,917 for year 10 of its TIF agreement. City Administrator Daisy Huffman said the final rebate payment to the university was reduced due to the conclusion of a maximum rebate amount on the rebate agreement. Additionally, board members approved a rebate payment of $42,619 to Westown Place LLC for the third year of its 20-year TIF rebate agreement.
  • Tax abatements for Lichtsinn RV’s new addition of $2.6 million and Lichtsinn LLC’s new surface land of $478,089 as part of the city’s urban revitalization plan.
  • Hy-Vee, Inc. Class E Liquor License Renewal Application

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