Fastighets Balder: start of construction of GoCo Living; a new residential area in the innovative GoCo Health Innovation City

Today the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Spina block which is GoCo Living’s first of three blocks and will contain a total of approximately 470 rental apartments. The residential area will be a dynamic part of GoCo Health Innovation City, where businesses, universities and now also residents take shape side by side in a major innovative investment.

With the official launch of GoCo Living, the growing GoCo Health Innovation Citynow takes a step further into the future. Molndal, just south of the city of Gothenburg, sees the emergence of a new district combining spaces dedicated to living and working. It will be a new way to create a common hub for scientists, entrepreneurs and citizens, paving the way for future urban planning. the residential district is owned by the real estate company Trenum and will be managed by Fastighets AB Balder.

– We at Balder are very proud to be part of this exciting new neighborhood. The location is fantastic and through cooperation and the common ambition to create a vibrant neighborhood, together we complete the plan of GoCo Health Innovation City. I look forward to seeing our three blocks filled with tenants, says Erik Selin, CEO of Balder.

For Mölndal, the newly emerging district means a valuable contribution to development, not only for the city but for the whole region, says Carina Kloek-Malmsten, Business Development Manager at MöIndalsstadium.

– The GoCo Health Innovation Citymeans incredibly much to Mölndal and GoCo Living is a fantastic addition to the neighborhood that will further increase the attractiveness. In addition, it will strengthen Mölndal’s brand and help increase visitor numbers as well as relocate residents and businesses.

The first Spina islet, which in Latin means spine, will form a solid base for the entire future residential area. GoCo Living will also be an important element for companies, allowing the housing of coworkers.

– With GoCo Living, we are adding an important piece to the whole area, it is a real milestone for the continued development of the neighborhood. The new residential area brings a lively urban environment to the site in general and also meets the housing needs of GoCo, which we hope will attract scientistsandentrepreneursaround the world, says Jacob Torell, CEO of Next Step Group.

Spina will contain approximately170 rentals spread over 4 to 10 floors, from downright smart one-room apartments to spacious apartments. On the ground floor there will be premises, for example cafes and simpler restaurants. The block will be equipped with solar cells and will be certified according to Miljöbyggnad Silver Evaluation. Like the rest of GoCo, socialization and well-being are the cornerstones of the residential project. All three blocks will have lovely courtyards offering spaces to meet and talk. Tornstaden, Spina’s turnkey contractor, is now eager to begin construction.

– We are very proud of the trust and to be part of the development of GoCo Health Innovation City. We are now looking forward to creating a great neighborhood together with the other parties involved,” says Staffan Waldenström, CEO of Byggnads AB Tornstaden.

GoCo Health Innovation City is already home to world-class healthcare and life sciences companies. Here, leading projects in medicine and health are taking place alongside sustainability projects in infrastructure and climate-smart travel. All projects are carried out with the ambition to support companies, partners and candidate tenants in minimizing their environmental impact and contributing to a climate-neutral zone by 2030.

GoCo City of Healthcare Innovationis a billion dollar investment held by The next step Group, real estate company Vectura and AstraZeneca. All three blocks of GoCo Living are owned by property company Trenum, of which Fastighets AB Balder and The Third Swedish National Pension Fund each own 50%.

Facts about Spina
Start of work: spring 2022
Planned occupancy: The move will be done in stages from summer 2024
Number of rental apartments: Aapproximately 170 rentals

Next block: Axis and Atlas
Start of work: spring 2023
Planned occupancy: Moving in will take place at the end of 2025
Number of rental apartments: In total oneapproximately300 rentals

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