ECEC service offered in a residential area is closed due to overdevelopment fears

An early childhood education and care (ECEC) service project in Perth’s residential suburb of Dianella will not be built after a Commission for the Evaluation of the Joint Development of the Far North and Central North meeting determined that the proposal was an “overdevelopment” of a site that did not meet the minimum requirements.

The two-story child care facility was rated against City of Stirling policy, which was amended in April. Under the new policy, childcare services offered for residential areas must be located on sites of at least 1,000 square meters to “send a strong message that the City does not want them in smaller suburban areas.”

As the site is only 850m², the developer was looking for open space concessions, with 44.45% provided instead of the required 50%, and the perimeter wall of the lot.

Metro development officers also reported landscaping to be an issue, with 8.9% provided instead of the required 10%, and no trees offered in the parking lot where there should be three.

Based on their concerns, officers recommended that the application be denied, saying the volume and scale were not compatible with the residential area and would negatively impact the amenity of adjacent properties.

The $2.04 million center was proposed to house up to 56 children and 10 staff, operating from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

41 submissions were given to council during the consultation period around the proposed development, all of which were objections.

“We cannot ignore the community or the current and future character of the area,” said a council representative.

The denial comes as two previous denials of proposed daycare centers for residential areas have been appealed in the State Administrative Court.

Metro Outer’s Joint Development Appraisal Committee recently denied applications for Keiki Early Learning Center at the corner of Mullaloo Drive and Stanford Road in Kallaroo, and a Nido Daycare on the corner of Kingsley Drive and Woodford Wells Way, as they did not fit the neighborhood.

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