Dubai will become the “best performing residential area in the world” SEXI News

A house with an outdoor swimming pool. Photo: Unsplash

A new report has revealed that the Golden City of Dubai is poised to be the best performing residential area on the planet.

In the first half of 2022, property prices in the city increased by 4.7%. As a result, among 30 major global cities, Dubai ranks fourth in Saviles’ semi-annual study of leading residential capital values.

The top five cities on the list were all American except for Dubai. He came behind Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The city has attracted many wealthy people and its Golden Visa program has also been a huge success. National News.

The Seville report says people have come to Dubai wishing for a better lifestyle and more space.

Helen Tatham, director of Savills, a leading residential Dubai, said the city was “on track to perform at its best for the remainder of 2022”.

More and more people, whether wealthy expatriates or current residents, want to settle permanently in the city.

According to a report by Property Monitor, the market in June saw a very high volume of transactions and prices remained above 10% on an annual basis.

This year, Dubai also held the record for the most expensive house at Dh280 million ($76.24 million). brokers said National The record is expected to be broken by the end of 2022.