Dothan Airbnbs’ Draft Short-Term Rental Ordinance Moves Forward | Government and Politics

The first option of the ordinance, recommended by the planning department, banned STCRs in residential neighborhoods, but allowed them in multi-family neighborhoods and the downtown business district. On the other hand, the second option allows STCRs in residential areas, but only with the approval of a special exception from the city’s seven-member Zoning Adjustment Board (BZA).

The planning committee went ahead with the second option, but only after hearing speakers representing various sides of the controversial issue.

Cameron Toma, a woman who identified herself as the owner of several residential homes used specifically for Airbnb rentals, said the first option would make her business unviable while the second option could also be prohibitive due to the need to obtain an exemption from the BZA.

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“Advertising in this manner, in my opinion, would increase the risk of vandalism and create unnecessary conflict between residents in what would appear to be arbitrary decision-making,” Toma said addressing the commission.

She also challenged regulations requiring liability insurance worth up to $ 1 million and the stipulation that landlords could not accommodate more than four unrelated people in the same accommodation.

Toma joined many other homeowners who used sites like Airbnb and VRBO to rent homes, saying common issues raised by residents – like drugs, noise, excessive cars, etc. – were the result of poorly managed properties.

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