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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A major backup of building permits in the city of Dallas has frustrated builders and city leaders with the slowdown in progress, especially with strong demand for new homes and residential units in the city.

Phil Crone, CEO of the Dallas Builders Association, said, “The authorization process in Dallas used to be really efficient, really efficient. So much so that unlike any other city, you could get in and out with your permit before the pandemic in a matter of hours. “

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He says these days it takes several weeks, sometimes 2 months.

Crone added: “The situation is deteriorating again where it takes 6-7-8 weeks for applicants to get their jobs.”

Dallas Mayor Pro-Tem Chad West has also been involved in the attempt to close the backlog in the city’s ranks.

West said: “Shame on us if we as a city can’t make it easier in the code and in the restrictions, but make it as easy as possible to build them so that we can prevent people from getting paid out. from the city.”

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The consensus among builders and city officials for the backlog appears to be a lack of employees, transitional leadership, and an error-ridden system within the Dallas Licensing Department.

In a statement to CBS 11 News, Dr Eric Johnson, head of economic development and neighborhood services for Dallas, said the issues were being resolved.

He said, “The City of Dallas is actively and thoughtfully taking immediate action to remove the barriers that are blocking the clearance process. Some of the changes include realigning staff, improving customer service awareness and communication, and reimagining and innovating decades-old processes. “

Mayor Pro-Tem West says he hopes the issues will be resolved soon, as in the meantime Dallas is losing valuable projects, taxes and residents to other municipalities in North Texas.

He added: “At least we have a light at the end of the tunnel or I think we need to take action during the budget season.”

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Right now, city leaders are struggling to get a timeline as to when the backlog will be corrected and fully addressed.

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