Dallas Commercial Real Estate Industry Comes Together Again to Support Nonprofits

All of the leaders in the business world have faced changes in their organizations to survive and thrive throughout the continuing pandemic.

John Riggins, Talley Riggins

Like other industries, construction companies face challenges including supply chain disruptions, rapidly rising material costs, and labor shortages. Navigating these issues requires skillful pivot, determination and cooperation, as well as a deep appreciation for the opportunities we have received.

The nonprofit industry has been hit particularly hard, as have families, children, the elderly, people with disabilities, veterans, the homeless and many others who depend on volunteerism and the services provided by these. organizations.

According to the COVID-19 Impact Report of Texas Nonprofit Executives released in December 2020, nonprofits cut services rendered by 35%, mostly due to a steep drop in individual donations (- 68.5%), fee-for-service income (-68.3%), subsidies (-58.2%), non-individual donations (-56.3%) and treatment of subsidies (-34.7% ).

Many nonprofits are supported by annual and intermittent fundraisers, which had to be canceled during the pandemic. Services have been interrupted, delayed or reduced. Volunteers and paid workers encountered communication and technological challenges reaching those they wished to serve. Fortunately, the pandemic is increasingly under control, and many of these nonprofits can once again organize fundraisers and resume their much-needed services to our communities.

Talley Riggins’ team at the Metrocrest Services Golden Gala.

Major fundraising events in the commercial real estate industry are also resuming. In June of this year, the Talley Riggins team had a blast with family, friends and colleagues at the annual TouchDown Club Rib & Appetizer BBQ benefiting the Ashford Rise School of Dallas, an early childhood education program for children with developmental disabilities. . This year’s event raised over $ 200,000. I am proud to be one of the founders of Cook-off and serve on the board of directors of the Touchdown Club, which has grown from 30 like-minded supporters to over 300 members.

At the end of September, our team attended the Texas Real Estate Council’s FightNight 2021. This year’s theme, “The Comeback,” reflected the mood of the 1,400 guests as they reconnected with friends they hadn’t seen in person for over a year. The event raised more than $ 1.6 million for TREC community investors, intended to provide support and jobs to underserved communities.

Talley Riggins’ team also attended the Aim for Advocacy Center at the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, Clays for Camps benefiting children’s health, and the Metrocrest Services Golden Gala. We are grateful for the opportunity to support these organizations, and others, so that they can continue to provide essential services.

As business leaders, we must be concerned about the impact on our communities of reducing services to those in need. Nonprofits are important partners for business and perform such a crucial function as lifting people out of poverty and giving them a voice, jobs, a new purpose and a better life.

So what can we do? We can organize contributions. We can use our voices as advocates. We can educate our employees on the importance of supporting the non-profit organizations of their choice. We can provide business advice and volunteer work to help our partners. We can influence policy makers to include nonprofits in their relief efforts. And we can support fundraising by participating in person and meeting the people who donate their time and money to help build a stronger, safer community for all of us.

John Riggins is the chairman of the Talley Riggins construction group.