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Reworked during the pandemic for more social distancing, the spread out equipment is here to stay for now. The equipment was replaced with new rented machines and reopened after a three day hiatus for renovations on December 1. As temperatures drop and more people use indoor exercise spaces, the time is right, said Missy Goff, fitness supervisor at the community center.

“People have become so used to the space we have created for them. It’s hard for us to all of a sudden get back to normal, ”she said. “We felt it was a good compliment for both areas. We try to keep people happy by using the cardio equipment, and we also try to give them gym space, ”she says.

While the new cardio portion takes up significant open gym space, Goff says it’s a compromise the center is happy to make to make people feel safe. The new cardio equipment cost about $ 290,000, says Goff, paid for in installments over five years.

“Believe it or not, it was all there together,” says Goff. “It’s a very, very small space.” Before moving the treadmills, stairs, and the like to the lower gym, they were crammed into the room next door (behind the glass wall, for those familiar with the center).

The space now houses more programming and increased hours. Starting in January 2022, people can access more evening pickleball time, open volleyball, adapted gym, and indoor soccer. KEEP MOVEMENT

“I think everyone would agree that we could use some extra space for our fitness area,” she says. “The main thing that we are able to offer our members is a gym space between 5 am and 9 pm most days of the week, whereas before there were days and times when we did not have open gym space for our members, ”says Goff. Goff says she and the staff don’t know how long the zone will stay. There are no solid plans to change it now, but an extension is possible.

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