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New council members look forward to positive housing strategies following Mayor Todd Gloria’s State of the City Address focusing on housing supply

California from San Diego– Incoming Building Industry Association (BIA) Board Chairman John La Raia brings an optimistic outlook for homebuilding in 2022. La Raia has taken over the 84-year-old organization as a Chairman for calendar year 2022 and will be working closely with CEO Lori Holt Pfeiler and a team of exceptional leaders serving on BIA’s 2022 Board of Directors.

La Raia’s optimism peaked after Mayor Todd Gloria’s State of the City address, where the mayor pledged to help build much-needed housing for middle-income families. A healthy housing market is essential to building healthy communities, especially at a time when many young people in San Diego feel like they are being pushed out of San Diego due to the lack of affordable housing. In her speech, Mayor Gloria touted her “Homes for Us All” housing initiative — more than a dozen separate proposals aimed at making it easier to build homes that working and middle-class San Diegans can afford.

Lori Holt Pfeiler-CEO of BIA

“Reducing costly and time-consuming regulations is key to building quality, middle-income homes for working families,” La Raia said. “I applaud Mayor Gloria’s commitment to making it easier to build homes for families in San Diego.”

BIA CEO Lori Holt Pfeiler echoed the positive outlook in 2022 after the mayor’s speech.

“We navigated local government permitting processes, as well as a heavily regulated environment. Heavy regulations at the federal, state and local levels are hampering the construction of housing that is in high demand, especially for our middle-income essential workers like teachers, public safety officers and nurses. Anytime an elected official wants to help with heavy-handed regulations, we applaud those efforts,” Pfeiler said.

Pfeiler also said she hopes other cities and the county will follow Mayor Gloria’s lead in her commitment to help build much-needed housing. To keep up with population and job growth, San Diego would need to build more than 20,000 homes a year. For several years, we have barely built 9,000 homes a year, which has contributed to the current housing crisis. It will take a collaborative effort at all levels to be able to build homes to house San Diego families, Pfeiler noted.

La Raia is honored to be joined by a team of people who work in a variety of business sectors to help achieve housing goals. New and former BIA board members include: Chris Hall – Hallmark Communities, Rita Mahoney – Colrich, Jeffrey China – Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP, Paul Barnes – Shea Homes, Gilman Bishop -Bishop Ventures LLC, Gary Christensen – Motivational Systems Inc., Bob Cummings – Mirka Investments, Sarah Garcia – Taylor Trim & Supply, Chanelle Hawken – Cox Communication, Brendan Hayes – Fairfield Residential, Mike Mahoney – Ryan Companies, Hale’ Richardson – Home Fed Corp. , Debbie Norwood Ruane – Norwood Development Strategies , Jim Schmid – Chelsea Investment Corp., Marco Sessa – Sudberry Properties, Justin Suiter – Pasco Laret Suiter & Assoc., Alisa Vialpando – Hunsaker & Assoc. San Diego, David Watson – Duane Morris and Nichole Weinman – JAAM Electric & Low Voltage.