Bruce Strebinger explains luxury home building trends in the Canadian real estate market

As a seasoned real estate investor, Bruce Strebinger specializes in the development of luxury and multi-family homes, Strebinger knows the luxury home trends that are likely to last beyond 2022. He provides insight into what buyers in the market expect from high-end homes to enable developers and investors to make smart construction and investment decisions. .

“Where there may once have been a need for ivory towers for the wealthy, people are now drawn to building stronger communities. So while privacy remains an invaluable perk, wealthy people seem to want to spend some quality time with their neighbors. They want their homes to support that lifestyle,” Notes by Bruce Strebinger.

He urges developers to pay attention to luxury exterior features that allow individuals to hold large gatherings on their own property. A built-in barbecue, outdoor refrigerators and pizza ovens are all sought-after features that set an upscale home apart from other residences. An outdoor theater is another great option, as is a pergola adorned with a chandelier.

The kitchen should also be high on a developer’s list, Bruce Strebinger explains, for the same reason as above. It is a great place for people to gather with others; to that end, it needs to be large and feature appliances typically seen only in high-end restaurants.

Luxury stores have multiple burners and are equipped with high-tech ovens that cook quickly to make food preparation a snap. Space for a walk-in pantry is a must, and aspiring luxury homeowners are looking for pantries that contain shelves for storing food and a sleek food preparation area.

Luxury buyers also pay particular attention to bathroom design, Bruce Strebinger continues to explain, and developers should do the same. Bathrooms should be high-tech while giving off a relaxed feel and feel.

It used to be as simple as adding a Jacuzzi tub to the bathroom might be enough to appease shoppers; now trends include 100% stone surfaces, huge walk-in showers, heated floors and deep soaking tubs. A mini-fridge is also in order as the bathroom becomes a luxurious place where one can relax after a hard day’s work.

The luxury real estate market has cooled somewhat, Strebinger points out. Even so, the value of the industry is expected to rise again, spurred in part by a shortage of luxury real estate in the United States. While some buyers are willing to pay more for homes with fewer features than expected, this situation will not last.

Developers would do well to be aware of luxury real estate construction trends to realize the highest possible profits from sales. While it’s impossible to accurately predict what every buyer wants from a luxury residence, investing in improving the outdoor areas, kitchen and bathroom will almost certainly bring a high return on investment and allow a house to sell faster and at a better price. that would not have been possible otherwise.

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