Board of Directors considers parking restrictions in residential areas | New

The proposal was discussed at several community development committee meetings and ultimately passed to the board for review after many of the technical issues were corrected.

“The prescription itself is relatively simple and straightforward,” Walter said. “It would make it illegal for a person to park a commercial vehicle on a public road adjacent to a residential zoned property. As we know, the definition of these terms is really the most important. “

As in most cases, the devil is in the details, and Walter pointed out that defining those terms can be tricky. He provided a list of vehicles that could be classified as commercial.

“Some of them are obvious – things like garbage trucks, semi-trailers, dump trucks …

Walter said the concern is not the one-off parking of these vehicles that occurs in residential neighborhoods; the ordinance is focused on resolving persistent violations or those who park regularly.

“It has an impact on their neighbors,” Walter said.

This list includes other vehicles such as trucks that are over 20 feet long or weigh over 12,000 pounds.

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