Blue Origin launches ‘mixed-use commercial park’ in space

Photo Illustration by Jeff Bezos with a render of the Space Station (Getty, Orbital Reef)

Jeff Bezos’ latest venture, a “mixed-use business park,” won’t appear on LoopNet’s listings anytime soon.

Bezos’ Blue Origin said this week that it plans to build what will arguably be arguably the most exclusive commercial space in the solar system – a space station orbiting the Earth, according to NPR. The amenities would include weightlessness and of course a spectacular view.

It would also be 310 miles from the nearest highway or train station.

A rendering of the research facility (Orbital Reef)

A rendering of the research facility (Orbital Reef)

“Whether your business is scientific research, the development of exploration systems, the invention and manufacture of new and unique products, media and advertising, or exotic hospitality, you will find a place here,” according to one company press release.

Blue Origin aims to make the space station, dubbed Orbital Reef, operational by the second half of this decade.

Orbital Reef’s “base configuration” totals approximately 830 cubic meters, or nearly 3,000 square feet, almost as large as the International Space Station. It would fit 10 people “in large modules with large windows”. The design of the station is modular, with vehicle ports and bunks.

Blue Origin is working on the project with five others – Sierra Space, Boeing, Redwire Space, Genesis Engineering Solutions and Arizona State University.

Tourism could play a major role in the economic model, between Blue Origin’s pitch for “exotic hospitality” and a single-seater spacecraft intended for “tourist excursions” outside the resort, supplied by Genesis Engineering Solutions .

“Now anyone can establish an orbit address,” Blue Origin said. “Orbital Reef expands access, cuts costs, and provides everything you need to help you run your business in space. “

Meanwhile, Bezos and his other company, Amazon, are busy gobbling up real estate here on Earth.

Last year, the company increased its acreage by 50% compared to 2019. This year it built up logistics space nationwide and now has around $ 57.3 billion in assets.

Bezos bought an estate in Beverly Hills last year for an American record $ 165 million and a few months later bought another property in Los Angeles for $ 90 million.

He also bought two units at 212 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan since the start of last year.

[NPR] – Denis lynch

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