Awareness of Cays Resort proposal will be postponed

The Port of San Diego appreciates public interest in a proposed development project received from Cays Resort, LLC (Cays Resort) to construct a mixed-use commercial recreation project on North Grand Caribe Island. The proposal includes cottage-style RV vacation rentals and various commercial and public recreational facilities. (Note: Proposal does not include RV booths for visitors to bring their own RV or rental RV.)

As part of further discussions and collaboration with Cays Resort, the proposed project will be presented to the Board of Harbor Commissioners in January 2023 at the earliest. With the updated schedule, Cays Resort has requested more time to plan and provide community outreach, so the previously announced meetings scheduled for Wednesday, August 31 and Tuesday, September 27 will not take place.

Community engagement and contribution is very important to the port, the city and the development team. All parties will work together to ensure that the community has ample opportunity to learn more and provide feedback on the proposed project in the coming months leading up to the Harbor Commissioner’s Council meeting.

Note that neither harbor staff nor the board of harbor commissioners have taken a position on the proposed project. In accordance with the lease with Cays Resort which commenced in 1968, there is a process for the tenant to propose development on the premises. The Port considers the project in accordance with the lease and in good faith.

Stay tuned for more information and details on upcoming community outreach opportunities.

Source: Port of San Diego
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