Angel Lawncare settles in a new commercial space

Angel Lawncare is in a new location starting this month.

With a growing business, owner Erick Angel decided to expand his business to 102 Railroad Avenue, the former location of Drinkard Construction. Angel said he is excited to get down to business as he sets up his new retail space, where he will continue to offer lawn care services throughout the year.

Originally working out of his garage, Angel moved to a larger area after he started acquiring more equipment. As he continued to gain more business, he said he found what he now sees as a perfect location.

“Honestly, I chose this space because it was available,” Angel said. “To have all this equipment and then run out of space, this place was almost too perfect because it is right in the city center. In fact, it was my neighbors who suggested this to me. As soon as it got to the market they told me about it and at first I didn’t know because it was a little big and stuff. But my wife convinced me to come see him. We fell in love with her from there and decided to go for it. “

Angel has worked in the lawn care business since he was young. Working with a close friend and his friend’s grandfather, Angel said he enjoyed being outside while working for his neighbors, friends and family. After many years of work, Angel and his wife had reached a place in their life where he could take care of the lawn full time.

Angel said he will renovate the new space starting with the exterior, as he hopes to add a retaining wall and flower bed up front. Creating a parking lot and possibly expanding his garage are also projects Angel currently has in mind for his company. He said he would like to decorate for the season as well, as he enjoys various holidays very much.

“I’m pretty sure everyone in town knows I still decorate the house every year,” Angel said. “I want to do Christmas or fall exhibitions and all that in the future.”

Angel said he and his wife plan to furnish and decorate the interior of their location as well, to create a comfortable space for customers.

With a larger business, the California community can expect more help from Angel Lawncare, Angel said. More space means Angel can continue to develop new services, such as hiring employees or renting equipment to customers. He said he saw this as an opportunity to help the community as a whole and to offer services whenever someone needed them.

“We are a family business and we love what we do,” Angel said. “We’re hard workers and if anyone needs anything just give us a buzz. Even if we don’t we probably know someone who can, so just know we’re here. if there is a need. “