Advocacy to move the LPG cylinder from the residential area


A group of people from Rathnapuri, near Kaayalpattinam, submitted a petition at the weekly grievance meeting held at the Collectorate on Monday, calling for the ‘hazardous dump of LPG cylinders’ to be moved from the residential area of ​​Rathnapuri to a remote place. Accompanied by executives of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi, the villagers filed a petition against the establishment of LPG cylinders near residential areas of Rathnapuri.

The petitioners said the breakdown of LPG cylinders from a private company, which had been installed near the residential areas of Rathnapuri near Kaayalpattinam, posed a serious threat to residents. Therefore, the collector must cancel the permission granted for the storage of LPG cylinders stored in a depot near the residential area and requested the company to move it to the remote area.

Led by K. Aldrin, President of the Sindhayathrai Matha Fiberglass Boat Fishermen Welfare Association, Anna Colony fishermen submitted a petition calling for the dredging of the beach in their area as their boats were often damaged due to accumulated sand in their area for several years.

After dredging the beach, the Department of Fisheries should build a jetty at Anna Colony, they said.

Umarikkaadu Panchayat Chairman S. Rajeshkumar has submitted a petition calling for the upgrading of the Eral – Mukkani road and the construction of a new building for the anganvadi in Umarikkaadu.

Gillnet fishermen from Terespuram also submitted a petition with the similar request to build a jetty on their beach to moor the mechanized boats using gillnets as their boats could neither use the Thoothukudi fishing port nor the landing center of fish from Tharvuaikulam.

In search of free house sites, a group of people from Bypass Colony in Ettaiyapuram submitted a petition.