Advantage Home Construction Insurance invests in rebranding after period of rapid expansion

The founders of structural defect warranty specialist Advantage Home Construction Insurance (AHCI) invested in a rebrand and the launch of a new website this summer, following the company’s rapid growth

Advantage Home Construction Insurance (AHCI) was founded in 2014, with a team of six working from a single location in Warrington. Today the company has offices in key locations across the UK and in June the directors of Advantage announced the opening of their latest office in Northern Ireland.

The Advantage team works with leading developers and rated insurers. The company is also part of the Trading Standards Consumer Code Approval Program, which means it has a “proven commitment to honest business and higher customer standards”.

Advantage Home Construction Insurance has become one of the most trusted structural warranty providers

Sales Manager David Sumner said, “Thanks to the hard work of our team, Advantage has grown from a small independent company to one of the most trusted providers of structural warranties. Today we employ 53 people and have offices in key locations across the UK.

“And that is not the measure of our ambition for the company. We have invested in a new brand image and a new website design and we continue our recruitment campaign. It’s all part of our investment in the long-term growth of the business.

David added: “We are really proud that members of staff who helped us start the business almost a decade ago are still working for us and also to have welcomed so many new members to the team in recent years. years.

“From our customer feedback, we know that our commitment to customer service is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition, and we couldn’t have achieved the phenomenal growth we have as a undertaken without the continued commitment of our dedicated team. and a dedicated team.

Work with the CTSI Consumer Code Approval Program to provide customers with a new level of customer protection

Advantage specialize in providing structural defect and commercial insurance worth up to £50million – as well as sewer and performance bonds to property developers, building contractors, associations housing and self-builders.

Backed by industry-leading insurers, Advantage is a CTSI Code Sponsor, having gone through the rigorous CTSI Consumer Codes Approval (CCAS) process, providing a new level of customer protection and business accreditation, providing additional peace of mind to customers. The company has covered a wide range of residential and commercial programs – from single-family homes to large-scale developments.

Renowned for its fast turnaround times and highly competitive quotes, Advantage provides each client with a dedicated relationship manager, ensuring a tailored and efficient experience.

Advantage chose creative agency Essential Studio to oversee the company’s rebranding and Richard Singleton, who is one of the agency’s founders, said he was delighted to have the opportunity to play a role. in the next phase of business growth, adding, “We worked closely with the Advantage team on the rebranding, creating a new look for their website, digital assets and materials. marketing and we look forward to continuing to work on the company’s marketing strategy, supporting the directors of Advantage in their long-term plans for business growth.

In addition to Advantage’s name change this summer, the company will also announce key partnerships, allowing them to enhance the range of services they offer to their customers.

The company is also celebrating the growth of its technical team, enabling it to provide technical and on-site support throughout the design and build process at sites across the UK.

AHCI targets the Northern Irish market

They have also set their sights on the Northern Ireland market, with the support of Advantage’s Regional Manager for Northern Ireland, Alastair Clements, who said: “I started working in the property sector in Northern Ireland in 2003 as a residential estate agent. Then in 2010, I co-founded a residential real estate agency in Belfast, of which I was the managing partner. By 2014 I had acquired two more agencies and expanded to three new offices between Belfast and North Down. I sold my agency property in 2018 to specialize in structural warranties.

“In 2021 I joined Advantage – a company which fills a gap in the Northern Ireland latent defect market with the range of products and financing options they can offer – some of these services are not were previously unavailable to the construction industry in Northern Ireland.”

With their expansion into new territories, substantial investments in their rebranding, new partnership announcements and an ongoing recruiting campaign, the next quarter promises to be productive for the Advantage team.

Do you need a structural warranty?

Structural warranties provide coverage if a structural defect is detected within 10-12 years of the completion of your project, and if you own a new home that is not already covered by an appropriate structural warranty, you will need it. to sell the property. . If you are considering converting a property for residential use, you will also need to consider structural defect insurance. Every conversion requires hidden defect insurance to protect you and your newly renovated property.

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